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Every business owner knows that Facebook, along with any other engagement in Social Media, is essential to an enterprise success. Any business, from an online boutique to a local pizza shop, can use Facebook to connect with their customers. Facebook business page is a very effective tool every business should add to their marketing arsenal in order to manage their brand and promote products and services.

Now you can even set an "email collecting" entity - Facebook landing page.

This article explains:

  • What is a landing page
  • SEO value of Landing page
  • How to use it as a "lead generator"
  • How to leverage Facebook in your email campaign

What is a Landing page

When you create a Facebook business page - the first page that your visitors will see (the default page) is the Wall; however you can specify any other page you want your visitors to "land on". Hence the name - Landing Page. The main benefit of having a dedicated landing page - you control what message (biz info) your new visitors will see. As opposed to hoping that, at any giving moment, your Wall messages are attractive and engaging enough to capture potential lead.

SEO value of Landing page

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has evolved from a buzz word to a necessary component of any marketing campaign. Facebook business page is a great and inexpensive way to boost your business, product or service visibility. Business pages are public, searchable by Google and are open to non-Facebook members (will be displayed without prompting for a password). Plus, you can leverage invaluable "cool-by-association" effect - since Facebook has very impressive PageRank and thus well respected by search engines - your strategically named business page can outrank all your competitor's websites.

How to use Facebook Landing Page as a "lead generator"

There are two types of visitors to any FB page: "fans" - visitors who "liked" your page already and "non-fans" those who hadn't yet. Landing Page allows you to configure what message each of those two groups will see respectively.

Check out the example:

As you may notice, first, non-fan page emphasizes "Like Us" message (in fact, visitors must like your page in order to proceed to the Wall or any other internal pages). The second page, that appears right after visitor had clicked on a "Like" button, presents a free offer in exchange to contact information (in this particular example). Brick-and-mortal businesses can give away printable coupons instead.

How to leverage Facebook in your email campaign

Do you have a good content, know-how article, tip or advice that you send to your customers via email? Make it easier for them to share your article with their friends by adding a "share on Facebook" button (see one at the end of this article) to your email.

read here: how to add "Share-on-facebook" button to your email


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